Stalker Regulatory Law: a solutioni to Kaori...?
June 7 2001 at 2:13 PM

I hope things have been "all quiet on the Kaori front", but in case they haven't calmed down, you now know the name of the law you can invoke to get her arse arrested...

Mainichi Shinbun, June 7, 2001

Dubious honor for woman stalker

SAITAMA -- A Saitama woman who refused to give up on a lost lover has become the first female to be arrested under a recently enacted law outlawing stalking, police said. Junko Tsukamoto, 31, was arrested for breaking the Stalker Regulatory Law after she allegedly ignored an order to stop sending e-mail to the man who jilted her almost two years ago.

Tsukamoto was the first woman in Japan to be arrested after ignoring a public safety commission warning to cease stalking. Tsukamoto is accused of sending the man over 2,000 e-mail, begging him not to see anybody else, or imploring him not to ever marry.

Police said that from May 7 to 17, Tsukamoto sent e-mail to either a computer at her ex-lover's office or his mobile phone demanding he end his current relationship. Tsukamoto sent the mail despite having been issued with a warning from a public safety commission that she would be arrested if she persisted in contacting her old boyfriend.

Tsukamoto and the man had been lovers for about two years, but he ended the relationship in July 1999. Her e-mail barrage apparently began then, frustrating the man. In April, he applied to the police for help in dealing with the woman. They responded by arranging for the public safety commission warning -- the first step that must be taken before an arrest for stalking can be made.

The Stalker Regulation Law came into effect in December last year. (Mainichi Shimbun)


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