A reply to my own post! *gasp* and new thread "Question"
May 15 2001 at 3:27 AM

Response to good times and bad :)

Oh while I'm speaking about my mother...

I found out my mother's mother (aka grandmother) is a manic depressive and has been for quite sometime. The doc would prescribe medicine for her, which she'd take until she felt better, and then stop taking it with the excuse they couldn't afford it. (My mother said it's bull since she owned her own cadillac. Also, this 'couldn't afford it' line is ALL too dejavu.) Also, my mother mentioned something about being surprised at recieving a birthday card through the mail from her own mother. Apparently, her mother is going through a stage she labeled herself as "Living my life without you in it". That's all my mother said about her, but that's ALOT more than I've heard about her in the past. Sex and my parent's pasts are probably the biggest taboo things to talk about. I've heard relatively nothing about both my parent's exhusband/wife, other than a few stories told by my mom about how he was some flaming homosexual, or my grandmother's stories about how my father was some sort of rebelious hippy with long hair, cute chick, and a bike. Ahhhh I could write a 'V.C. Andrew's' style book on my family...

And talking about sex....That's a godaweful thing to talk to any parent about, let alone mine. All my friends agree on this one. I don't know about you dudes, but mom and pops would probably be the LAST people on the face of the earth to talk to about this sensitive subject. Hell, my mother used a video from one of those freebe tampax packages explaining puberty and persuading prepubscent females to use their items. (Of course. I remember going home in 4th grade and my mother taunting me about having a 'present' at home for me. You wouldn't be able to register the surprise as well as disappointment when I came home to find that. I was thinking "What the hell is this?".) About actual sex?... I still vaguley remember my mother's bird and the bee's talk, but looking back at it, it's funny in an odd sense. Maybe I'll post it for the interested. Or watching my mother struggling, trying to explain to me at a very young age what it meant when you stuck your index finger through your clenched fist. (A bunch of 'bigger' second graders were taunting me with it, since they obviously knew I didn't understand. *laughs*) Basically any talk evolving around this subject was rather...I don't know how to say it. Thank god for friends to fill in the rest of the details.

Hmm I wonder how some of you guys will handle talking about the 'birds and the bees' with your kids? Or how did your parents go about explaining it. Please dish out the details! Maybe an interesting thread will spring from it.

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