Another variation
November 24 2000 at 2:30 AM

Response to How About...

Here's another strategy; more of a "high-risk, thgh-return" thing -- works great if you speak the language well and are in an unfamiliar part of Japan.

Speak your area's dialect! When I first came to Tokyo, everybody, and I mean everybody, commented on my Kansai-ben. Some people would think, "that guy sure is weird", but others loved it. One girl said that I should always speak that way with Japanese girls, because they'll (1) think it's cool that a foreigner took the trouble to learn the language that well, and (2) find it easier to communicate [than English], yet more exotic.

I've also heard that girls from Tohoku are more beautiful, and less exposed to foreigners, than any other area, and so a good idea would be to go live in Akita for a while, learn Akita-ben really well, then go back down south somewhere, hunt up Tohoku girls, and enjoy life. ^_^;

  • Nah - Oscar@Oita on Nov 24, 2000, 8:45 AM
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