I've heard...
June 5 2001 at 3:44 AM


Youth hostiles are about as cheap as you can find. That's not exactly an apartment though, and I'm not sure how long you can stay.

I'm reading that "Culture Shock: Japan" book, and it says the average 'decent' apartment is about $600 per month. If you ask me, that's anything but cheap...but it beats the average price for a 'mansion' which was 400 dollars more a month. Heh. Also, it says you probably should also worry about how you're going to heat/AC it since it said that usually isn't covered in the monthly rent. Maybe you should pick it up and skim through it...It briefly talks about housing and lodging (and some of the other things like furnishing since it says they don't normally come furnished, and even if they do it probably won't be furnished with the items you'll need) getting the telephone hooked up), clothing, food, and other nice stuff in the 'living in Japan' section. Not to mention it also covers a wide variety of other topics. Check out the book review on YD.

Don't you have some sort of exchange program through college? Here, they have an all expenses paid for a full year in Shizouka. Pretty dam cool if you ask me.

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