Be carefull of working for PEPPY KIDS CLUB
June 29 2002 at 11:40 PM

Response to yes, well i am going before...

Legally Japanese companies are not supposed to hire teachers overseas on working holiday visas. Working Holiday visas are designed for young people to travel, and work to support themselves as they travel throughout Japan. Peppy Kids Club hires more than half their teachers outside of Japan and brings them over to work their asses off and pays them a lower wage then the governement standards because they are not on a working visa (working visas require a university degree). This way the company gets a teacher for less money and uses them for a year. They get away with it beacuse they tell you not to say anything about having pre-arranged employment when you go the Japanese embassy in Canada. If the embassy in Canada knows you have pre-arranged employment (not the purpose of this type of visa) they won't grant the visa.

Be carefull of PEPPY KIDS CLUB, they are strictly looking for bodies to put in their classrooms. Take your time and look for a stable, secure and honest company to work for, there are lots out there.


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