Re: So whose advice did you follow?
April 27 2002 at 2:24 AM

Response to So whose advice did you follow?

> You didn't seem to follow mine.
> No sense in having a larger number of dates
> if you don't enhance the content each time.
> Otherwise you get closer and closer to the
> "friends" basket.

Unfortunately, there really wasn't time to plan anything elaborate. At the conclusion of our first meeting, we had arranged for her to come over the following day. The primary reason for her visit was so I could help her with her "problem." Of course, I had ulterior motives. It just seems like there wasn't anything I could do to truly turn the situation to my advantage.

Next week, I am supposed to cook her dinner. However, I may be able squeeze in something before then. I'll have to ponder the situation...

The Virgin Killer


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