Kris, are you reading this?
April 27 2002 at 8:02 AM

Response to Re: yoparaimashou

the only thing that Oscar could come up with is to try something "naughty."

Yeah, right.
I should have laid down every detail like that "POWER MOVE" post above.

"you look at her, deep into her eyes. You forcefully put your cup of coffee down on the coffee table...."

When I got responses like this, I used to just recommend a book ("How to Suceed with Women" by Copeland and Louis available at because I didn't have the time to lay it all out.

Kris was incredulous every time, saying in effect that he couldn't believe there were people in the world who needed advice from a book on matters of seduction. Well Kris, here is Exibit A. I tell him to be naughty and all he can come up with is playing footsie and giving a massage. This guy could definately use the help of a few books. Some movies and novels wouldn't hurt either.

Can't you guys come up with anything on your own? Like finding a bullshit excuse to remove her earings ("You have them on the wrong ear.") or taking a cheap lapis ring off your finger and straping it around her ankle with a length of leather string or taking the ribbon out of her hair and tying it around her neck as a choker ("It looks a lot better on you this way."). You come up with these things as you go along.

If you can't, read a book for some examples.


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