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July 31 2001 at 1:27 AM

Response to Western Addicts Anonymous

...A few years back when I made semi-frequent trips to our Hong Kong office branch. Anyway, this somewhat leggy, but striking local secretary (I'll call her Kye) really enjoyed 'dating' (to use a polite euphamism) the white guys in our office. This time around it was a guy named Robert. It got to the point that Kye moved into Robert's (company subsidized) apartment with him. Well, Robert's contract expired, so back to AmericaLand he went. Kye, however, continued living in Robert's old apartment, which was still being paid for by the company, although Corparate had no idea it was still occupied. Fast forward a few weeks, and Robert's replacement (we'll call Stephen) arrives fresh off the plane, ready to start work in HK. Naturally, the company gives him Robert's old pad to live in. He arrives, and is shocked, although pleasantly suprised to find the reception Kye has for him. He starts work curious why the job description said nothing about an instant, company-provided girlfriend.

See ya in Thailand in 5 weeks,


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