April 22 2001 at 2:10 PM

Response to wot shall one do ....

Definitly climb fuji - I thought it was kosure to do so I don't really understand how you're breaking any rules but either way go for it.

I used to go into the woods and up and down mountains when I thought I was losing my shit. I'd say it's the best therapy you can do.

I don't know about you though Marvin. You don't seem to be the adverturous type. Some people told you Roppongi was hell on earth yet the dudes here seem to like it and you decide that it isn't even worth a look? I don't know, maybe I'm attracted to hell-on-earth labels. My question is 'why not?' if you have no time restraits there is nothing on earth you shouldn't do! Try it all.

Marvin, do you talk to people? Other then people you have to because of work or the like, do you meet people? I can't imagine not getting women in Japan, and even if you're not a dude, most guys hitch into a longterm affiar that keeps them busy.

Be careful, we've seen what happens when Japan makes someone snap - and no one wants to be that guy.



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