March 12 2002 at 6:17 AM

Response to personalities

If what you are saying is that all the asian girls you meet are insecure and sheepish, than it reflects more on the people you hang with than asian girls in general.

If anything, I would say Japanese chicks would be the opposite because it takes a certain amount of self confidence to leave Japan and move to the states. Life here tends to be pretty safe and comfortable, so they don't go abroad to escape poverty. They also have to have a good measure of smarts and drive to get their English just up to the level we sometimes find laughable in the States.

But it did sound like you were talking about asian chicks born in the States. In which case I would say that probably white, catholic girls have a larger percentage of husband-hunter or insecure-bitch types. I think there are plenty of chinese girls with opinions and Japanese girls who expect you to engage their intellects. Just because you, in particular, can't meet any is hardly reason to think that the majority of Asian girls in the states fit your two types.

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