where are the babes? - Kangnam and everywhere else on the damn peninsula!
May 2 2002 at 3:35 AM

Response to Seoul, Myung Dong - where were the babes?


You must have very very discriminating tastes! I saw primo girls everywhere during the 7 months I was in Korea. That's why I'm heading back in about 3 weeks! True, it can be hard to chat them up at first. But after a few weeks of getting used to things, I scored, no problem. My only mistake was getting too involved with one particular girl for most of my visit when I could have had many more.

In Seoul, go to Kangnam - particularly near the Hard Rock Cafe. That area is full of designer shops and cafes. More babes than you can imagine. It's like an episode of Star Trek where they go to some planet where all the women are perfect 10s.

Although I've only had one encounter with a j-girl (back in Vancouver) you can be sure that Japan is next on my list. I've never spent more than 48 hours in Japan but was certainly impressed.


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