Well...just a few
May 3 2002 at 2:58 AM
Armitage Shanks 

Response to Famous People...

Used to live just off Leceister Square, London. Hustle and bustle, so I saw quite a few.
John Malcovic was loutering in my doorway. Some film stars had their UK premiere in Leicester Sqr. but that doesn't really count.

Saw NORM! from Cheers with his wife and kids at a tube station (Baron's Court?). He noticed me staring and grinning and he smiled back quite sweetly. Apparently I was doing the British thing of noticing him but being too respectful/shy to really acknowledge him there. Everybody was doing this on that day. I think he enjoyed that over the "Hey! You're NORM from Cheers!" "No shit..."

On the other side of the scale, saw Hugh Grant's brother in my fav greasy spoon one time. He look JUST like Hugh, only maybe a little more bitter.

I also met some "celebrities" in my field of business, which I can't divulge really for fear of a. being recognised and b. looking like a sad f*ck.


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