Well, Oscar has since...
June 4 2001 at 2:57 PM

Response to The problem . . . .

...clarified a few things about his latest effort and a few details of his current life that shed a bit of light on the essay.

Whether due to his ommission or my own reading inability, I guess I failed to grasp the fact that this "driving 90 in the fog" machismo deal took place a couple years ago. This is critical; writing about it now suggests Osc has a level of detachment and comfort with the topic that I didn't correctly infer since I figured these vents happened last weekend or something. They betoken two completely different mental states, and as such, my initial criticisms were partially unfounded. In short, for whatever reason, I misunderstood the circumstances under which the essay was written.

I still think Osc is not his usual self, and he has freely admitted as much, but I no longer feel any particular sort of pity. Feeling down, and getting those feelings down on paper, however seemingly "pathetic", is more manly of a response than a quasi-suicidal effort at proving something to onesself. And I think that is the key to this self confidence topic that has been overlooked so far.


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