something to be said for...
August 5 2001 at 4:42 AM

Response to What about...

using hashi with j-food (and chinese)... it just seems to taste better to me that way... couldn't say why.

Anyway.. I love Japan.. when I was in school I had urges that I had to go to Japan. Uhm.. and it's something I did before I went to college, and I think it was for the better because it told me I wasn't wrong about wanting to go..?

I did have other travel thoughts in my head.. when I was really young I wanted to go to England.. really badly.. I mean, English guys still are hot. But all the English folks I ever met had this 50/50 ratio of being total assholes. Just.. total assholes.. I mean, some of the worse examples of humanity I've ever met have come from England, Australia, or LA. Though on the reverse, I've met some very nice people from England. But the wicked ones still soured me on ever really wanting to stay there for any length of time.

And I won't say I love all of Japan.. because I really haven't experienced anything remotely close to "normal Japanese life". I've experienced city life. Tokyo life, where you hop from show to show, train to train, and sometimes you may not sleep for days. I've yet to actually have the balls to meet anyone's parents, or to do anything civilized while I'm in Tokyo. But I love it.. I love being there.

Anyway.. silly longwinded point... sometimes there are things we have to do to get on with our lives. Your feeling like you 'have to go to Japan' isn't necessarily silly, it might be something you've got to do to make sure your life is going in the right direction. Some people go to Japan and realize they hate it, and some people realize this after spending a lot of money and time making sure they can stay there for a very long time.


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