To the dudes...
December 11 2000 at 6:26 PM

Response to I'm not sure...

Satan...Don't worry bro, I was making light-fun of a situation which I know for sure will clear itself up in a matter of weeks. How can I hate a fellow video-games freak like yourself?? (p.s.dude, have you been down the game-center and played a game called 'Slash-Out' yet?? I want a FULL report of that little puppy if you have a go on it). BTW, that heavy-metal dude married to the Chinese bit is obviously well into her so I don't know what the Brit/Chinese was bitching about. I couldn't stop chuckling at that picture of him in China looking all pissed behind the two old ladies.

Kawama...dude, honestly, they're epic but interesting..err...apology accepted?? honestly man, you give some diamond advice in your posts, and if the shit has to flow a little, let it flow.

No offence dudes. was having a bad day that was all.

Humble Kris


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