August 7 2001 at 10:41 AM

Response to Well

gets .. uhm.. a lot.

I don't know why the Japanese like Portland. Especially with all the shit customs have done to asians here. o_O;

But it's one of those stops on the map, and the colleges in Portland (PSU, OSU, UoP, etc) get a great deal of Japanese students, and every year Portland gets it's annual flood of Japanese students on vacation. Which is my favourite time to be doing touristy stuff, because I get to talk to cool Japanese girls about silly things. And it's fun, and it always scares them when you've heard of Micchi or Ayu or uhm.. SPEED.

For relationships with 'em.. tends to be more friendship, because I feel Tokyo-sick and a lot of the Japanese college students miss Japan.. so it's mutual missing-stuff.. I've dated a few Japanese boy/girls in my college, but it's no different from any other relationship and I don't see why it would be.. really.. o_O; As for the adorable high schoolers.. I never date my age or below.. so that knocks that experience out!

meeting Japanese people in the US is fun though. I have a lot of fun talking with some of them about Japan. But then I have fun talking to a wall about Japan. I just miss Japan.

Japanese businessmen however, are another story. I've got some funs ones about them in Portland!!!

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