August 26 2002 at 3:48 AM

Response to The Seattle Times Sunday, June 2, 2002 A 19

The country school I work in takes 8-15 year old students from all over Japan, so I get to draw my own conclusions.

Country and Kansai Kids- Big, genki, smiley kids that like talking, having fun, and goofing off, these dudes are very easy to teach. Verdict- normal.

Tokyo Kids- Often puny, underweight, uncommunicative, shy, pretentious, very hard to motivate, low attention span, the boys wear pink t shirts and talk like girls and some of the girls likewise are very masculine , aggressive and use language that would make a 60 year old yakuza boss blush. Verdict- Something is wrong here.

You can't really blame the Tokyo kids for being odd. They have grown up in an almost surreal enviroment, one that personally that even I can only take in very small doses.


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