August 24 2002 at 8:59 AM

Im still convinced, Kichijoji and Shimokitazawa, are the, places for me.Just got back to SF after touring around for the summer. Started off in Osaka, then on to Nara, Kyoto,Matsuyama (Shikoku) as well as Miyajima Hiroshima Nagoya, then up to Yokohama and the last few weeks in Tokyo. If you havent been to Miyajima yet, do yourself a favor and go. Its a miniature Kyoto on an island. In fact its a "World Heritage UNESCO" site.
Im white and travelling in the Matsuyama/Hiroshima area made me feel like what a Black person might feel like in a prodominantly white neighborhood in the States.
Am I the only one who has noticed this, but are cyclists getting more aggressive and rude. I was really suprised! Several times I had to refrain from clocking a few of bastards in the head as they manicly just about nailed me. As a cyclist myself, Im kind of hyper-sensitive to the way other bike riders act.
The weather just about killed me tis summer! It was my first summer in Japan, and quite possibly my last! Unless I live In Hokkido.
Must say the ladies were looking fine. Places like "Ame-mura", in Osaka, as well as loads of places in TKO are just toooooo hard to stay away from.
Hmmmmm, why did I come back to the States again???


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