The story of my friend Brett...
August 4 2000 at 1:31 AM

Last year I was lucky enough to become an exchange student to Japan. As a high school student there, I had many many many wonderful/amazing/explicit experiences. And this forum being what it is, I just have to share. But this time, it's not my personal story (so sue me, keep reading and it's not all that bad) but that of a friend of mine I met there, Brett. He was an exchange student like me, but he wasn't with any company, he had a private arrangement so he was not constricted by and of the shit rules that guys like me had (ie No Dating, No Drinking... like I ever paid attention). So he didn't have to run around behind everyone's backs trying to keep his girlfriends a secret like I did (not that it was very hard- we lived in Tokyo), he could be right open about it.
The girl in question was his third lady friend- I think- and previous to her he had not yet popped his cherry. They had been going out for about three months and by all accounts (I never met her) she was a 'sou des ne/ka' girl, by Evil's description. And a top class one at that... Father was a doctor and all. So during the winter holiday- new year period, she went away with her family to Nagano to ski and before that, Brett had only the best of times with her family. Nice young foreign boy and all. But upon returning from their little icy soujourn, they had become all, 'mata aitsu ni auna' and very very hostile. Why? It's still unclear. Brett seems to think that they saw the nanpa gaijin preying on all the young girls at the ski resorts and figured out that he was just like them, when he was only half like that. (!) So several phone calls and p-mails later (the mails are absolute corkers) she's decided to risk a big rift in the family and take her chances with the gaijin... She comes to his house and starts saying, 'echi na koto o nandemo shite ne' and the like, but Brett digresses, as his host mummy just might walk in. So the next day they do the big act at a Loooooooooooove Hotel... His first (sorry for telling mate) and, according to her, her third time.
They keep going out, Brett is still no favorite of the family and living in paranoid fear of him beating his doors in and killing him (strange?) but nothing of the sort happens and he soon goes home, back to Australia.
This is when the letters begin. And the phone calls. Not to much at first, but recently it's been like 'houka no hito o suki ni narenai' and the like. Can't stop thinking about him. She calls him from japan to tell him the same things. He is quite rightly scared that she's going to follow him for the rest of his life... he's been trying to break it off. But to no avail. I told him this would happen, too. So what I want to say after all this is- listen to Evil Kris and NEVER EVER EVER lay a 'sou desu ka' girl if you don't wanna marry her and secondly (most importantly) has antone else had a similar experience and has some words or advice/strategies to help this poor guy? He, like most of us, wishes to someday return to our land of plenty and isn't liking the idea of having this girl hovering over him, unable to stop thinking of him or loving someone else. I mean, damn she even signed off on her p-mails with 'ai shiteru' for god's sake...
And apologies to Brett for sharing this and any mistakes I may have made. Look mate, I said I was gonna try and help you out... My shout next time we meet up, deal?
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