Gambare ya!!
August 22 2000 at 3:49 PM

Response to Tonight`s the night...


Glad to hear you're on the case. It's about midnight in Japan right now, so unless she's been frontin' on you the whole time or you handled the kokuhaku in a very hamfisted way, I expect you two are blissfully unaware of everything but each other tonight. Sorry to hear you're not much of a might want to work on that. Clear-headed sex isn't nearly as fun as sex when you're mildly or even moderately lit up. Any more than that, though, and it's hangover city, which negates any benefit the previous evening conveyed.

Oh yes, sorry dude, can't read Japanese on this computer...romanize what your pal told you to say for me if you get a chance and if things work out. Otherwise I'll have to check it on my wife's PC. I still think a simple tsukiatte kure is better, but personalities differ and so what may be suitable for me might not work for you or anyone else.

Gusto...the chain family restaraunt? Well, not exactly Iron Chef fare, but I've been to Gusto a few times, haven't been overly impressed but was never dissapointed.

Definitely keep in touch. If I was able to help you, buy me a pint or two next time we're in the same city...I'd like to hear how things are going!

Kawama, wishing happiness for anon-kun and marumaru-chan...


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