I see. Mushrooms?
April 26 2001 at 9:05 PM

Response to For starters...

Thanks for the Love Hotel info, Oscar. I guess getting laid in a big city can really set ya back! Fascinating story about the switching bed rooms. So, does that sort of thing have a pretty mainstream appeal in Japan!? That's incredible!
Anyway, I actually did read both the FAQ's beforehand, and although I found some good stuff for living arrangements on a monthly basis, I couldn't find anything about daily basis stuff. But I'll take this question to other places as it's rather boring by YD standards
Anyway those were just 2 of 936 questions I have that aren't answered in the FAQ. However you'll be glad to know that I'm going to go with my better judgement and not ask 931 of them right now.
Just one quick question for now- a number of Japanese have confirmed for me that psychedelic mushrooms are legal in Japan- anyone know why this is, and, uh, where you go to find them?


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