DV Cameras Anybody????
April 30 2002 at 1:15 AM
Silver Tongue 

Anybody out here in YD land know anything about DV camers? All I know is that I want one for my trip. A lower-end, yet well equipped JVC model is about 800 CAD. Are the prices in Japan cheaper for this sort of thing? Could I get one there with English instructions? Do most of them have USB/firewire connections?

Lemme in on the secrets here, as I need to know if I should wait until I get to Japan, or just go ahead and get one in Canada. Thanks a lot.

Silver Tongue.

(By the way, in Canada, it's a little known fact that today is Haistylist aprreciation day. I think I'll go out tonight and show my appreciation for this stylist I know tonight. Might require THE POWER MOVE or something, but I'll get the job done. No time to sit around and see her a few times, this is going to be an in and out procedure. THe funny thing is that I'm moving right now. That means she gets to come home to an empty house with me. THere's nothing else to do there, but screw. I'll keep ya posted, but I won't be around for a whie. I gotta move, unpack, and find a summer job etc. Have a good summer/winter everybody)

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