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June 11 2001 at 3:09 AM

Response to That would be cool

There has to be a seance where the three gaijin unexpectedly arrive at the Japanese guyís apartment just as heís about to do the deed with Miss Splatter Face. Comedy and hilarity ensue as the Japanese guy tries his best to hide the girl from his colleagues but fails miserably at almost every attempt. In the end the Japanese guy (in English) introduces the girl as being his cleaner but as she doesnít understand English he tells her (in Japanese) that he told them about their relationship and that they donít have to keep things secret anymore. The girl is clearly overjoyed that the Japanese guy is no longer ashamed of her and the three gaijin typically comment that sheís the happiest cleaner that theyíve ever seen.

Yeah itís been done before I know but youíve got to have a sťance like that in these type of movies, itís the law or something

As for the intertwining theme in the books, what I meant was just a short casual reference to each other, something small enough to go unnoticed by the casual reader but enough to form a link between all our books. For example, when I get to Japan in my book I could easily add something along the lines of:

ďand as I walked down the street I noticed the most unusual couple Iíve ever seen, while the guy looked to be pretty normal, the woman on his arm had a face that resembled a motorcycle crash victimĒ

Okay so it needs some fleshing out but Iím sure that you can get the general idea of what Iím talking about. Personally I think that it would be pretty cool. Now if Kris would give me May's number....



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