I have to agree...
June 2 2001 at 8:29 AM

Response to I have to be honest.

Kawama was totally right about this not being your best piece. I've only read a couple of your past ones, but they were more organized and the writing style flowed nicely. It sounds like a good topic to write about, but I'd suggest probably working at it a bit.

Also, there's a difference in having confidence, from what sounded like arrogance. I've seen plenty of people act like they are mightier than god, and personally I really despise that sort of person; The kind of person that acts like they are the shit are normally the kind to be very insecure and uncertain of themselves. ~They're the kind of person I'd like to take a frying pan and whack over the head, hoping to knock some sense into.

Hmm, I always pictured a 'dude' being a nonchalant, easy going 'go with the flow kind of person'. A person who can find the good in any situation, and live life to the fullest.

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