Lash yourself to the mast...
June 12 2001 at 12:23 PM

Response to Aliens built the pyramids, stress, and jgirls...

...and seal your ears with wax!
That's what you are supposed to do when siren calls. And sail on!

You are young. And if you ever end up thinking what your life would have been like if you took that risk at that point in time... you know what you will be like.

A man's gotta take the risk. If you are not convinced of that, take a look around you and observe the guys who should have taken the chance twenty years ago. The world is rotten with them. Listen to their stories of what could have been and see how pathetic they sound. That's you if you listen to the Siren.

Personally, I don't give a shit if aliens built the pyramids, but you should care about who's going to build your life. If you don't detach yourself from the Siren, you will be passionately discussing "who built the pyramids" twenty years from now with nothing to talk about regarding yourself.

Take off, man! This is really a no brainer!


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