Obnoxious Americans
August 1 2001 at 12:54 PM

Kazue on the Japanese board is seriously pissed at this obnoxious American who goes on and on about how his beloved New York City is the greatest place on Earth and doesn't know when to stop. When a Canadian born J-girl said she was interested in Japanese culture the asshole went balistic and launched into a screaming diatribe about how New York could beat all of Japan and Canada combined. Then, after he ran out of things to say, or perhaps used up his vocabulary, he launched into a lengthy monologue about how J-girls love to fuck white guys and all they wanted to do was fuck with his white ass. He was talking too fast for most of the J-girls present to catch what he was saying, and most of them just stood around smiling. So he was totally unrestrained about what he was saying.
Kazue finished her post by saying that even players have to follow certain rules and this guy clearly stepped over the line.


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