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April 5 2001 at 4:59 PM

Response to geez Oscar

...on the whole Nanking issue.

If the jews had been as careless, sloppy, propagandistic, and as intentionally distorting as the Chinese were in the conduct of their 'research' into the Nanking atrocities, nobody would believe the Holocaust ever happened.

The difference in the quality of scholarship between the jews and the Chinese is that goddamn bad. The difference is embarrassingly obvious to anyone who has even bothered to become acquained with the primary sources. The difference shocks and angers, if for no other reason than the cavlier and almost flippantly indignant attitude with which demonstrable falsehoods are repeated, daily, to those of us who fucking know better. The whole topic is sickening.

The Holocaust -- bad, evil, horriffic. But as bad as it was, the evidence upon which there is solid, round consensus does not support the assertion that sixty million jews were killed. No matter how bad something is, and that's about as bad as things have ever gotten, there is no excuse for fudging research, body counts, or oral histories to make a friggin political point. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is precisely what happened to the real victims of Nanking. They were buried under a sea of insupportable assertion, bunkum research, cold-war politics, and wounded national pride. The facts are unpopular -- because they handily, conclusively, though deftly and subtly deflate both camps' arguments.

I am not talking about Oscar here -- but my opinion is that anyone who has not put in his time to read the 'standard' literature on the subject, i.e., the IMTFE trial transcript of General Matsui, Hsu Shuhsi, Bates, Rabe, Smythe, the China Information Center, Daqing Yang, Joshua Fogel, and all the modern garbage by the likes of Chang, Young, Tanaka, etc., then you have no business whatsoever discussing the subject. To date, I have met two or three people personally and communicated with several dozen others, who have this background, and their opinions are amazingly similar. All others, including published authors, who lack this knowledge or are slaves to poltics of one sort of another, refuse to accept them.


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