that's a fuckin' duh :P
August 3 2001 at 4:21 AM

Response to Are there used CD stores in Japan?

I mean, the Japanese teen groups change trends like condoms, of course there's got to be a place to load 'em off.

Book-Off is an excellent suggestion, and actually if you can find the CD you're into there, you'll be paying the cheapest prices. Their videos are also really cheap. I mean, Zi:Kill indies videos for 400yen! (!!!!).

The other really good store that I reccomend over Book-Off for the CD curious is any RecoFan you can find. They'll have shelves of used CDs for under 500yen apiece. I've found first press hide CDs in there, if you know how rare a first press is to begin with, then hide anything. They'll also sell the box sets really cheap there as well. I've gotten Penicillin box sets in tact with chirashii and everything (stickers, t-shirts, cell phone straps) for 1,000yen.

The best RecoFan to check is this one in Shibuya. It's really hard to find, just by nature of Shibuya, but it's on a third floor above a Mandarake. It's huge, and wonderful, and unlike the Harajuku one (which is really good too, don't get me wrong) it's not picked over by jrock fans all the time.

Used CD shops are a dime a dozen in the larger cities. There are some that specialize in exclusive hard-to-get-merchandise, and those can get fairly pricey, but RecoFan and Book-Off will beat even the lowest prices you might find around. I mean, I nearly finished off my Ove, Penicillin, and Shazna collections at RecoFans in Tokyo, (with most first presses) and I did it in under 20,000yen. Paying full price or Rock Love prices would have cost me nearly 100,000yen when I look at some of the things I got there.

As to why Japanese CDs are so expensive, it has a lot to do with the Japanese record industry's system as well as taxations and some of the insane expenses of recording in Japan. Basically it's the same reasons that you pay more for everything in Japan, only on top of that it's the record industry. If you are in Tokyo, really, the only reason you pay full price for a CD is for chirashii. And Japanese gifts with CDs can be very generous, don't get me wrong.. ^^;

If you've got any specific interests in j-music or any place in particular you're planning on being, post it and I can try to be more specific in my directions. I spent most of my bargain-hunting time (^^; which I did a lot of, being the CD whore than I am) in Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya, but I've got some knowledge of quite a few other areas in Tokyo as well as some Osaka hits. ^^;

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