Intro for Kris
December 4 2000 at 11:56 AM

A week or so ago you had asked if anybody could write another intro for your board. Well, I've given it a try below. Sorry it took so long. It was a busy week with job interviews and the like. I gotta explore all options before I finally decide to take the plunge and head to Asia for an extended period.

Anyway, you can use all or some of what I wrote below - or none of it. No worries.

"An international incident waiting to happen!

Young Dudes Guide to Japan is a uniquely uncultured site where the cross-culturally minded can learn how to make the most of being a stranger in a strange land. Like no other place online, Young Dudes is all about how contemporary life can only be enhanced by mixing East and West! We take international relations to the next level! Take a look around and don't forget to visit the Forum. There you'll find colourful characters from all four corners of the globe talking about everything from Jgirls, to visa runs, to teaching English!

Young Dudes Guide to Japan is indeed THE place to explore and share your interest in Japan and all of Asia. Nobody is talking temples and religion, but rather wine, women, and song! Get our drift? Good. Now, join in!"

Opinions? Comments? Don't worry, I've got thick skin. In fact I'm interviewing on Tuesday for web writing job. It has to do with product descriptions, merchandising, etc. Its certainly not in the same field as Young Dudes, but any comments are welcome. Actually I'm not totally happy with the above, but I took so long to get around to writing it that I kind of hurried it a bit.

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