uhm.. maybe a Mandarake?
August 4 2001 at 5:08 AM

Response to Maybe i should have made it clearer...

I want to say they'd likely have it.. they have virtually everything else.. ^^;;;

There's one in Shibuya, one somewhere in Osaka.. and I am sure there are a few others in Tokyo, I just know the Shibuya one. .. not that I have contact info, but it's somewhere near the TokyuHands in the basement of a large building with an arcade and a RecoFAN in the third floor. I'm sure if your friend went to Shibuya someone would either be able to guide him near the TokyuHands or the RecoFAN.

other than that, I'd suggest him checking some anime cons in Tokyo.. not that I know where you'd find them at the moment. But the Mandarake is a decent place to check out.

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