Rediscovering the Joy of Japanese Babes
May 27 2002 at 4:24 AM
Lupan IV 

What the hell is it about japan that can produce such a wealth of beautiful women with the perfect combination of looks and attitudes? I'm sure there are a few psychos in japan, but all the good things that the other YDs say about Japanese women is true, for the most part. My coworker finally introduced me to this small chick a few weeks ago, and around 12 pm he suddenly says he has catch the last train, bye bye, and leaves the two of us in Shibuya with no train home. We dance a few hours in then I will skip the rest of that night's story... but the point is this chick is totally cool. Tight compact body, very very cute, smart but not arrogant, EASY-GOING, likes to have sex without attaching too much baggage, but still having a sense of innocence and trust. Come on, you know what I am talking about, right? Life can be so wonderful if you just chill and enjoy things, work hard while living to the fullest. It may sound morose if I say this but it's all going to be over someday, right? So live, love, and have the fucking best time of your life where ever you are, especially here in Japan.
Peace bros

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