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March 13 2002 at 10:11 PM

Response to okay James_D

... I should have answered your question instead of just making a quick comment but to be pretty honest I was surprised by how you seemed to be generalising Japanese women on the basis of just a hand full of experiences. Heck you could date a hundred Japanese women and still not have enough experience to label the population into separate categories! Like what most others have said, you simply met the wrong women on the wrong night and Iím sure that even now you know that not all Japanese women are that bad. But I can understand where your coming from...

There are times when I think that every woman in Japan is a late 20-something office lady addicted to Disney films and who knows nothing about attracting the opposite sex. I know...I was just down to meeting the wrong women and the wrong time but for what itís worth I can agree with your thinking.

As for that question...not so easy to answer dude. There has to be some physical attraction to get the ball rolling but after the initial greetings I like to have a deeper personality to work with, so in short, both attributes are important but personality takes priority for me. Her looks will go after a number of years so just make sure she has something else to offer you then. I seem to remember this topic coming up before and I think both Osc and Kris said that looks were the most important, correct me if Iím wrong lads, but Iím sure they made some valid points to go with their statements too.

Hope this goes somewhere towards answering your question.



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