yeah, well....
January 13 2001 at 3:11 AM

Response to <BUMP!>

NAME : Kalle

AGE : 19

SEX : male

LOCATION : Sweden (yes I am tall, I got blue eyes & blond hair)

JOB : student

STATUS : Single with a "knull kompis" which translates into fuck friend. Female friend I have sex with but we are just friends anyway. i.e. you are allowed to screw around.

JAPANESE : Some words and phrases picked up from anime.

TIME : Japan 2 weeks visiting a family in Osaka.
also visited wakajama(don't know how it's spelled), Hiroshima & Tokyo.

FUTURE : Study Japanese in Sweden next year then study at a language school in Japan.

Interests: Anime, Hong Kong movies, hip hop, graffiti, skating, reading (mostly fantasy, Robert Jordan, Terry Pratchett...), sex, training Mu Tai and videogames(specially beat em up's and rpg's).

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