Looks good to me...
April 26 2002 at 5:14 AM

Response to partial retraction.....

This is the post by the Webmaster of Asianguy.com:

OK, let me explain the purpose of that page.

It was indeed sarcastic, but based on TRUE stories completely written by asian women. The sarcasm part of this is that the stories, while true, seem to be on the extreme, bordering on fantastic.

Here's the point:
I've found that most of the guys on this site and on this board are pretty normal, intelligent guys. When we approach women for the first time, many women have some preconceived notions about asian guys based on their past experiences. Let's face reality, guys, there are a TON of clueless asian guys out there who, more or less, leave a bad taste in the minds of asian women. Guys who are cheap, commitment-phobic, bad conversationalists, etc.

Maybe some of you haven't heard these complaints before, but I'd be willing to bet that most of you have heard these points raised by women. The point of the page is not to paint all asian guys as tools, but to make us aware of what many women say and think. The goal is to help us overcome these issues.

Regarding SC's points, let me clarify what our audience is. We are and will always be Asian-run. Our audience is Asian. To that regard, we care much less about what non-Asians think, and more on our own self-empowerment and improvement.

I'm confident that the points raised on that page are honest opinions from Asian women. Is it better to understand them, or to ignore them? Personally, I would prefer to know that many Asian women think, for example, that Asian guys are too "mama's boy"-ish, and use that knowledge when approaching women.


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