I think so
August 2 2001 at 9:57 AM

Response to dude...

Hi. I don't have much time to reply.
I found out that she called the hotel earlier that night and asked where I was and the receptionist said
I left with some girls. I think that she became jealous because ever since then she's always asking about exact details of what I do and who I do it with
while she's at work and there are other signals that lead me to think that she became jealous for some reason. She's a real treat to be with now. She took me rock climbing in Gunma yesterday which was awesome and then an onsen, little gifts often, constant affection and laughter, always holds my hand, says the right things to me, goes way out of her way to teach me Japanese, explains everything about Japan that she can in 24 hours, makes breakfast, insists on washing me in
the shower. It's been great. I am very very lucky I think. On top of this, she's very very attractive.
Anyway, I gotta run. I'll write more on the subject next time. I have some more stories to tell.


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