enjoy Tokyo
May 7 2002 at 3:03 PM

Response to could be cool...

Okay cool. Yabajin...guess we should all be yabajin sometimes. I found that roppongi is not as bad as everyone says. I used to hate it but I found that aside from the obvious dick heads there, a lot of the people are friendly and cool there. Have any of you been to Velfarre? I think I'll check it out on Saturday, and then after it closes go to the free entrance clubs. Anybody interested give me a mail at your@ndrew.cc.
As for myself, I have worked here for about a year, went to school in Tokyo one year before that. Last weekend it was really a Golden Weekend. Went out with 4 chicks and got my groove on with two of them. I just mentioned something about how many hotels there were in Shibuya, all full, and the chick says 'oh erogaijin you want to go to love hotel don't you'. Couldn't believe it...you know you gotta love Japan, guys.


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