Planet Janet
August 27 2002 at 1:14 AM
Lady Killer 

I'm in love guys...

I met this J-girl, Haroko, the other day at the library. Shes a real looker with shoulder length hair, an ass that won't quit for weeks, and a pair of nice sized breasts. Well today shes over at my house after I got out of class and shes wearing this skin tight black sheeny shirt. Nice... real nice....

We drink a few dirty martinis and the buzz starts to flow. I get her laughing, talking, and basically enjoying herself like a chick in a shopping mall. Next thing I know, she leans over to grab her martini... and straddles me instead... effectively executing the female version of the "Power Move". We start making out and I go to take off her shirt. She seems a little shy at first but then gives me the green light. It was crazy because it seemed like her titties were fighting with me to keep her shirt on. Never seen that happen before. I was also kind of scared because it felt like I was about to unleash a pair of rabid dogs from their cage. Then...


The second those babies hit oxygen they inflated to gigantic proportions. I almost ducked to keep from getting hit in the face. Those badboys didn't need their own area codes, they were fucking planets for christ sake! Who would have known this girl was packing a solar system up under her shirt. It was funny too because when her canons exploded on me, I was awe struck and dumfounded. I froze like a deer in headlights. She kind of looked at me with a "Have you not ever seen insanely enormous, beautiful, and succulent titties like these before?" look. Well babe, I haven't. Shit, titties like that don't just roam the streets all day, you know what I mean. Those joys in life simply don't follow you home from school one day and ask to hang out.

We start making out again I slap box with her tits for awhile, throwing 1-2 combinations and the like. It was a lot of fun. I had a real bonding session sucking and playing with her breasts. I was a kid in a toy store. After awhile she says that she'd love to stick around and hang out but she has an appointment at the salon, so unfortunately her and her tits had to say sayonara. Before she gets off of me, I'm looking those huge tits eye to eye and feel like after all the fun we had together I should atleast kiss them goodbye. I move in for the kiss and realize that I'm staring at the oppurtunity of a life time. So instead... I dive inbetween those to monstrous puppies and shake my head wildly, while laughing and making a loud as shit HOOOOOGABOOOGABOOGABOOGA!!! sound.

HAHAHA!!!! It was fucking awesome! ...Shes coming over tomorrow.

LK- Friend to all titties large and small


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