Funny read, but.....
August 25 2002 at 6:10 AM
Lady Killer 

Response to Oh man...

I'm not real sure why you would apply for college funding and grants and then decide to dick it off by failing your first semester in school. I'm sorry, but the plan to get "free" money and then not go to class and spend your green fucking around does not work. I have several friends who inadvertently got thier tuition cash and blew it on tittie bars and stupid shit, then they never went to class and dropped out... guess what? Their gravy train check stopped rolling by the mailbox. Once you fuck off the oppurtunity, you usually don't get it again..not to mention your in the whole for a few grand. A 1.2 GPA (grade point average) and several thousand dollars in debt is not where I would like to be at any point in time. Why not just get the money, go to class and learn some shit you've always wanted to know about. I already have 2 degrees and I'm going back to school this semester purely for shits, giggles, bitches, and knowledge. Either way, its not a "loop hole". But don't let it be a noose in your case.


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