TOKYO soooo much fun
August 11 2000 at 1:30 AM

Hey I just found your web page. I would have to say this is like the best web site, I have found about the part of Japan that I love,,
Well I was in Japan with the United States Marines. I was stationed in Camp Fuji for a month, thus giving me the chance to go to Tokyo every weekend.
Well me and my buddie ended up in Roppongi. The clubs there are awsome, lots of gaijins and lots of hot japanese babes.
the first weekend we were there,, we came up with this story that we were touring the world and we were snowboarders."We didnt know how well us telling them that we were Marines would go over," The chics really ate it up.. We even told em Bradd Pitt was my cousin. I think thats why we got so much putang.
I am now out of the Marines and am going to school to learn Japanese and internationl business, I am going to niigata to study for a whole year next year.. any wayback to the story..
SO while we are at Gas Panic im working on these 3 chics,,, THe key to working Japanese girls is just being funny,, and well haveing good western looks , well at around 2 in the moring IM walking back to my hotel with 3 japanese girls hanging all over me. : I m thinking hell ya this is gonna be the best night of my life.. we get to the hotel.. and we are like all trashed,, talking about sex in all. OK OK im not gonna lie i only got to nail one of em . but boy was she tight,, im talking tiiiiiiighhhhhhtttt. I cant wait to go back to Japan.. it is a secret to the USA if you are not in the military,, well as for the 3 girls... the main point to remember is be friendly all ways,, i still keep in touch with all of them,, and the other 2 said they wished we had fizzucked .. so well see what happends when i go back,, got ot keep the connections open..
keep up this site it rocks ja

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