Re: visa question..
April 26 2002 at 9:07 AM
Silver Tongue 

Response to visa question..

There might be a few typos here here, but read between the linbes on it. I'm substantially wasted right nowe so don't ask for much, but here goes.

All the big three Eikaiewas actually get your Vidsa for you, after that, it is yours and yourd alone. Usually you get a three year Visa, and what you do with it ois up to you. Many people justb get theior jobs with the big three for the visa. after that, they take off and get another joibn. It saves them the pain of getting the Visa in the first place.

SO, yeah, if you are teaching Eikaiwa at the big three, you get a Visa from them, that they take care of, and after that, it is yours to deal with as you please. Hope that helps, and sorry again for the typos. My little shiundig tonight has proved fruitful as there is a deadly girl (NIGHTCLUB, BEERTUB CHICK) sleeping in my bed right now. I think I'll go waje her up again.


Silver Tongue


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