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March 29 2001 at 6:18 PM

Response to Opinoins on Hong Kong chicks needed!

As English is an official language in HK and up to a couple of years ago it was compulsary to teach in English in schools. So communication is no probs usually, though there are some 14 year old drop-outs (it's possible to drop out at 14!).

HK accomodation is generally overcrowded so a girl may live at home until she's in her early 20s (in a shared bedroom) meaning her parents will know whatever she's up to!

Just like anywhere HK girls have a distribution of appearences, though by the remarkls of an earlier post he's more used to Philipino Hookers... nuff said.

But it's true that people in HK have a desire to be thin and not to go against the grain generally. This extends to someone being discriminated against if they even have dyed hair (assumed to be a dropout as schools require black hair - they will go to the back of the queue for restaurants, etc, very bad), same goes of tatoos. Having dyed hair is the western equilivant of LOVE HATE tatooed across your knuckles.

[There may be a level of over-selfconscousness or lack of confidence - a BBC friend pointed this out, as HK is hot and crowded girls can be a bit bitchy to each other, that's the excuse anyway!!!]

Lan Kwai Fong is the 'western town' in HK. HK is 96% Chinese (opposed to London's 60% British), HK is a very not multi-cultural place, though you'd be fooled in LKF (literally meaning 'little small place', though is a good punn in the intricucies of Cantonese sounding like 'Larm Kwai Fong' - 'Drunken Western Place'!).
There's a few bars and clubs, but it's very expensive and not infact the best place to pull.

If you speak Cantonese you can pull anywhere - I lived in the New Teritories and was the ONLY western guy in a town of 400,000, in a month I saw 1 western family twice, and three (Australian?) women once. They stuck out. Guess I did too.

If you don't speak Cantonese you are more limited, but if you want you can take the old 'Freelance English Teacher' sign trick. Always someone who wants to get better.

In Central Queens Disco is good apparantly, places like 'Hard Rock Cafe' should be avoided maybe. My experience is in the NT (north of Shatin), you can do fine there and have no competition!!!

Final Thought: Couples in HK have sex less than anywhere else in Asia (SCMP ~1999).

If you have some more detail I can give some more hints.

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