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May 6 2002 at 6:09 AM

Response to cute waitress off limits?

You can do it, if she says "no" ahh well. At least you tried. anyway

I went into the Jphone shop to get my New J-phone hookedup (its pretty sweet, its gota camera in the back of it), anyway this hot as J-phone staff is taking me through the paper work and all that, and finished i have my new J-phone ready to use.

About 1week later i recieved a skymail from that j-phone staff that served me, went something like "Hi I served you at J-phone shop, and i want to become your friend with you". I rang the number and we met up outside the J-phone shop, she was hot as!!, I asked her how did you get my number and she reckons that after she served me she wrote my name down, then later on she did a search on her computer and got the #.!! gotta love japan.

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