August 5 2001 at 3:35 AM

Response to Update for those interested

(feel free people to correct this one... )

Just from my experience with j-guys in the states and my current boyfriend.. but..

daisuki means "I like you a lot"... and while to my ears it always meant less than "I love you" or "aishiteru", it means a lot more than that to a Japanese guy to say. ^^; I had this one amazing night of heavy petting in Tokyo with a guy whose side I hadn't left in probably four days... anyway, I had a night of this quiet, beautiful man wrapping himself around me saying softly 'daisuki.. honto ni.' and playing with my hair.

Uhm.. yeah.. ^^; after that the word meant a lot more to me than it did before when I just assumed the guys I would meet in America were only in it for the two-weeks they were staying here and didn't really want anything seriously. 'daisuki' does mean a lot to say.. wouldn't know culturally why, but it's a powerful phrase. ^^;;;

Anyway, congrats. with the girl!!!!!

  • daisuki - Oscar on Aug 5, 2001, 9:11 AM

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