Last message to VK...
August 28 2002 at 9:46 PM

...and I don't expect or desire a reply.

VK, you have a really bad habit of going off half-cocked before you know all the facts. The other day, it was with the Nanking debate. Today, it's with Oscar's PUBLIC REQUEST to ME and ME ALONE that I delete your messages because he had ALREADY MOVED THEM to the off-topic forum.

You can see, then, that YOUR desires, opinions, or preferences were not part of my calculus. Get over it.

Oscar took it upon himself to move your posts to off-topic, and THEN asked me to do my part. He posted pubically, as I am sure others would concur. I gladly did because I appreciated and agree with his efforts.

This discussion is over. I've already said -- I don't delete things that often. I've been blamed in the past for threads Kris has deleted, and since we are under no obligation to report to you on each action we take, your misunderstandings and misinterpretations remain YOURS.

Your opinion of my moderating bias is duly noted, and I'm sure a few others feel the same. But be sure you know what you're talking about before launching into another public assault on my integrity again, or you will find yourself locked out of the forum permanantly simply on account of my distaste for your constant usurping and backstabbing.

That's where it ends. Shaddup, or go somewhere else, I'm tired of your bullshit.


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