Sapporo connections....
August 3 2001 at 9:41 AM

Right now I am in Sapporo studying Japanese. A few months before I came I contacted several girls thru epenpal so that I could meet jgirls and in general just have somebody to talk to while I`m here. My honest intention was never for a shag, I just wanted somebody to hangout with on a Thursday night for example.

Well, last night I meet up with one of them and we went to a cool izakaya to talk. Right off, I could her English was great so we could have a normal converstation. We started talking about the usual small talk stuff and we got to the subject of nightclubs in Sapporo. Since I thoroughly read Kris` Sapporo club section, I listed off a number of places I wanted to go to. She was quite amazed that I knew so many places after having been here for only a few days.

Then I said...
`I read about a lot of these places on a website`

She said, `Isn`t that run by a Brit?`

Quizically I say, `Yea, there`s a message board on it I read alot...`

And then she laughed and said, `I read that all the time too!!`

For the next 4 hours we get into a really indepth conversation about AAA, WM/JG, sex, and everything else related. It was great to to not only talk about this (which I don`t, since all my friends date western girls) but to hear it from a JGirl in Japan gave a lot of what I read and think about validity.

Just goes to show... you never know what your walking into.



OK ... let`s hear from a certain long term reader, first time poster....


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