As promised
January 18 2001 at 4:04 AM

Response to A little dead about a "community building" activity?

This is me in a nutshell... albeit a rather large nutshell.

Full Name: Russell Fronk

Nationality: Big-time mutt. English, French, Irish, Scottish (from the Stewart bloodline), 12.5% Spanish and don't look a thing like it, but predominantly German and Dutch (hence "Fronk") Simplified: American or White Anglo-Saxon

Age: 16 (I was the youngest on the board until my friend Ajani posted yesterday.)

Girls: I've been infatuated with the Japanese exchange student at my school for quite some time. Her host mother loves me, which is a big plus, and her English is incredible. A couple friends tell me they think she likes me and her host parents tease her about me for some reason. One problem: She's got a boyfriend back home...

Interests in Japan: Anime, girls, electronics, girls, culture, girls, language, girls, big cities, girls, beautiful country sides, girls, girls, girls...

Time in Japan: I've never been out of America. I'll be going for a week this summer.

Japanese: I'm in a 3rd year honors class, only class (besides my other Japanese classes) I've ever received a 4.0 in. I'm also entering the "Japan Bowl" coming up this March.

Future: Sensei told me about the JET program today and said I should look in to it when I get out of college(he's very confident in my skills) Then maybe I'll teach a Conversational English class (Sensei said that'd be a good idea, too)

Really hope I didn't leave anything out... I think I wrote more last night before the big Network54 crash. And sorry for rambling on but if there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask.

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