Riots of Laughter
April 24 2002 at 3:42 AM

Response to Riot Management

Well, if the Japanese riot police so much as looked at me holding a sign that read "GO HOME, QUIETLY!" I think I will.

I know this place in Kagoshima where cops don't even carry guns. Instead they are trained to do this thing called "osame" in which you hold one ring of your handcuffs and swing the other ring like nunchucks and catch that ring in the same hand. Once you have both rings in the same hand, you then use your government-issue, safty-guaranteed handcuffs like lead knuckles and punch a hole in the offender's skull. The advantage is that the paperwork is easier than when you shoot a guy because you can write it off as an accident with a non-lethal object.
There's a reason there is so little crime in some parts of this country.

You still wanna make a fuss?
"GO HOME, QUIETLY!" (Cold Stare)


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