Not sure, but... (Another rambling)
May 7 2001 at 9:41 PM

Response to Got me thinking....

We were recently talking about this in Psych class. The teacher told us that the types of people we find ourselves attractive to is something that's believed to be decided when one is very young, maybe even before birth. shrug He also mentioned that while we're young we have a tendancy to find ourselves attracted to others that differ from us by quite a bit, but in all reality we'll more than likely have a long term relationship with someone who has many similar qualities as ourselves. If I were to make a logical guess, maybe it's the reason lies within the many cultural differences and views people from different backgrounds share. I remember having this conversation with Ruka (A internet friend I've known for several years who happens to be Asian), and he told me how he could see himself dating a chick outside his race, as long as it wasn't an Indian or a Black chick (since he finds those two races unattractive), but in all reality he believes he'll end up marrying another Asian girl. But why? He says part of it has to do with his parents pressuring him to do so, but he also feels that someone outside his race wouldn't be compatible with him in the long run. He feels that different tastes in values, likes, etc would differ much from his own therefore making it difficult for anything more than a fling to work out...

Too bad for me. I'm actually one of those ..hmm.. 'different' chicks who find Asian men attractive...Although I don't know how well it'd work out if I actually was paired up with one. Maybe it's just a phase...I sort of hope not.

Ah well. It's obvious I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I'm pretty unsure what my 'cultural' background or beliefs are, or what I myself in a person believes. I'm in that sort of stage where I don't know my ass from the hole in the ground, I guess. Hopefully I'll sort things out soon.

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