June 11 2001 at 7:08 PM

Response to Young uns......

"I guess I like "Christmas Cake"!!"

Damn Godzilla we must be two of a kind because I can totally agree with you on older women. Even though I'm 21 (last week) I've never had a committing relationship with a woman under 25 simply because there is no common ground to walk on. I always find girls that are my age are younger are still living in the fantasy land where they live at home with mommy and daddy, waiting for the rich man to take them away and treat them like a princess. Sure itís nice to dream kids but to put it bluntly that ainít going to happen. The sooner the women grows up the sooner she discovers what she really wants in life and thatís when the best relationships happen. My current girlfriend is a 29 year old J-Babe with a great personality and sense of humour (heck she needs it to wake up to me in the morning) and because of those wonderful Japanese genes of hers she has the body of a 16 year old schoolgirl.

Okay so some younger girls may be an exception but if you want good pillow talk and good sex then get an older girlfriend. I think ( but Iím not sure) that a woman reaches her sexual peak at around 25 Ė 30, for a 21 year old Asian Addict thatís a dream come true

Pappa James definitely feels old now...


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