Maybe you`re right...
August 24 2000 at 7:45 AM
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Response to This proves it!

"The point is you gotta push the
envelope ever so slightly, intentionally, probing to see where
things are before you lay a heavy "zutto shiriai tte kanji" load
on her."

Actually, it ended up I didn`t say that. My Kokuhaku was more me just stammering like an idiot for about 20 minutes, starting by saying, "My friend says that if you don`t do anything, nothing will happen" and saying things like, "I want to tell you something, but if I do, we can`t go back to the way things are now", "I think I have to say it" and other lame things. And my friend saying she didn`t understand what I was talking about, causing me to call out things like "Yabai" and "Muri kana-?" numerous times. At one point I even said, "Nan no Jinsei, kore?" I just couldn`t believe she didn`t know what I was talking about.

Eventually, though, something I said, I can`t even remember what, made her say, "Atashi to kimi no kankei ni tsuite?" "Sou!", I emphatically said. "Ahh......nantonaku wakaru...nantonaku wakaru." she said. After that, we just talked about my feelings, love in general, her experiences, my experiences...that kind of stuff.

I guess you`re right about kind of pushing the envelope a bit. Frankly though, knowing my friend, if I`d have said that, she probably would`ve said something that would`ve made me believe she might have been interested in me. Just the way she is. I mean, fuck, we were watching Tonight 2 the night of my confession, and she was asking me all kinds of ecchi questions.

By the way, I ended up falling asleep at around 6:40 the other day, so I never called my friend. I haven`t been able to get a hold of him yet, so he still doesn`t know the outcome of all this.

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